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Have you ever wondered where rubber comes from? Well, we have the answer for you at Paya Guring Homestay where you can experience being a rubber tapper for a day. At Paya Guring Homestay, they offer this experience at an affordable rate. Get the package now before its too late.

3 days 3 nights

Do you absolutely love mango? If you do, you must try the infamous Harum Manis. This special mango can only be found in Perlis. To have a taste of the best, get this package now at Felda Mata Ayer. You can eat as long as you can and as much as you want. What are you waiting for.

2-3 hours

Visit Ujung Bukit homestay in the countryside sorrounded by hills in the middle of rice field. Go on adventure that shows you the process of planting and harvesting rice. Taste the life of the local farmers as you plant your own rice in the muddy rice paddies. Meet friendly and welcoming locals and if you get lucky, you may spot a friend or two (buffalo) at the rice paddy.