PERLIS Homestay Program


Perlis Homestay is a marketing and promotional initiative by Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER). It is a statutory body that focuses on economic development of the local community at the northern region.

The three homestays are carefully selected due to their unique and peaceful surrounding which represents  Malaysian countryside. Due to its one-of-a kind experience that homestays provide, the number of homestays in Malaysia has increased. hence, the initiatives done by the NCER highlights the exclusivity experience that the homestays provide.

Perlis Homestay is the most suitable platform for travellers travelling to Perlis looking for a different experience into the traditional Malay culture. Perlis Homestay provides a chance for travellers to experience life as a local.  Immersing in Malay village lifestyles, allowing visitors to encounter the everyday life of locals, to taste Perlis cuisines, learn Malaysia phrases, visit local spots, market, mosque and many others.

Travellers can simply participate in more leisurely activities, such as taking a boat ride, fishing, horse ride, trip to paddy field, riding a bicycle around a small local village and paddy field, enjoying traditional Malay dance and weddings, working in a rubber farm and mango tasting.

This is a truly wonderful opportunity to learn more about Malaysia especially Perlis culture in a resplendent and peaceful environment.