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Imagine this... Waking up to the sounds of birds and water flowing, with some cold surround environment. Outside the antique wooden window, is the beautiful scenery of georgous paddy field and blissful view. That's something you need to escape the bustling city. Ujung Bukit Homestay is the perfect place if you dreams to start your day by the tranquility environment.

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A village of cultural and rubber trees plantation, be suprised by the cultural experience.

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Felda mata Ayer us located north of Perlis with its location bordering Thailand. The distance of Felda Mata Ayer from Kangar is approximately 39km and 7km to Padang Besar. Develop in 1982, the population has has exceed 249 residential houses, with 22 has been actively assigned for Homestay Program that has recieved numerous guests from local and abroad. Felda Mata Ayer is well known of its ambient scenery and Harumanis Mango plantation.

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Happy Traveler


Penang, Malaysia


I’ve stayed in Homestay Ujung Bukit and Paya Guring before. Really loves the hospitality and the activities.


Wan Arina

Penang, Malaysia


The homestay experience was very enjoyable. I would definately come back here with my whole family. The people and the surrounding made our journey to Perlis worthwhile.



Bukit Mertajam


We had video shooting near Padang besar, we we stayed in Felda Mata Ayer , since its the nearest homestay. We were awe by its beauty and cleanliness, plus the host are very friendly.


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Watch the Splendid Image of Perlis in Yuns’s Latest Music Video Forevermore
Yuna, the Malaysia’s international music artist has just realesed a music video titled Forevermore. You may awe by the beautiful cinematic images in the video, and most of the video is actually shot in Perlis. Do you recognize some of the places? Till today, the music video has more than 1.5 million views on YouTube. […]
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The Malaysian Kampung Homestay Experience
These days, travellers look for different ways to experience the country or place they are visiting, instead of just going for the usual “touristy” stuff. Such “experential travel”, although not something new, has been growing in popularity. In Malaysia itself, travel itineraries offered by local guides and tour agencies would normally include either a homestay […]
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