Northern point of Malaysia- the State of Perlis is one of the smallest States in Malaysia but having to share its border with Thailand, the place is a melting pot for Malaysian-Thai culture. Many kind of foods can be found here, and don’t forget, the majestic Harummanis mango that will take your breath away.


Mona Ikan bakar

Seafood heaven at Kuala Perlis’s Jetty. Restaurant location was superb by the seaview. There are various type of fresh seafood. The price is reasonable and worth every cent.

Restoran Api-Api

Kuala Perlis is famous for its delicious seafood. The choice of seafood offered was very much and satisfied. If you are a fan of baked fish, Restoran Api-Api,Kuala Perlis is the place. In addition, other menu such as scallops and fried squid are also the choice of visitors.

Nasi Ganja Repoh

The origin of ganja rice recipe was from Northen, Thailand. You can easily fouund this menu in Padang Besar, Dannok and Hatyai, but this is the best one which is located at Kangar, Perlis.

Bangpon Cafe & Bistro

Extreme big burger that only available at Bangpon Cafe & Bistro located at Kangar. There are various types of burger such as chicken nobita burger, chicke havoc and so on.

Chortieszzz Cafe

For those who want western food such as home made burger, chicken chop or steak, you can visit this cafe that located at Jalan Sena Indah, Kangar, Perlis. The menu is quite unique and rarely found in other stores.


Anjung Keli

For those who always bring a family together, you must try lunch at Anjung Keli Restaurant located at Bohor Pulai, Kangar, Perlis. This restaurant has been included in the Eat Meals program. There are various types of dishes such as baked catfish , various kinds of chicken meat dishes and so on.


Medan Selera Laman Brasmana is a Malay hawker centre in Kuala Perlis. It is located on the side of Laman Brasmana. There are hawker stalls in a row facing the main road. The place comes alive particularly at sunset. Locals congregate here for their evening meals, after which, they go for a stroll to enjoy the sea breeze at the pier nearby


Who is the steamboat fan here? I suggest you get it here, at Aura Steamboat N ‘Grill Restaurant located in Repoh near Arau-Kangar main road.

Ana Burger D' Cafe

Eating and enjoying the scenery and the fresh air of the paddy fields. The most poplar burger Volcano Cheezy Tower contains five homemade burgers of homemade burgers with a cheese in it combined with five crabs and eggs. That is the difference shown by a food shop located in Kampung Jarak, Bintong, Perlis.

Mai Cafe

Providing a variety of western dishes for the customers’ choice. Located at Kangar, Perlis. Among the specials and choices are Chicken Chop, Chicken Grilled, Cheezy Chicken, Grilled Beef Steak, Mixed Grilled, Fried Chicken and Fish.



Harumanis mango farm is one of the main tourism product in Perlis. It is located in Bukit Bintang area, Sungai Batu Pahat. This mango farm is very unique because such farm is not found in any of the state. Apart from that the taste and aroma of his distinctive fruit had attracted visitors to visit this farm. It can only be enjoyed once a year around March – June.So in that period, this 64.6ha plantation in the Bukit Bintang Agriculture Centre will be flocked by mango lovers who come to purchase varieties of mangoes such as harumanis, mas indera, mas muda, chok anan.

Sweet Sticky RIce

Perlis is definitely popular with harumanis mango. The Harumanis Mango is the madness of mango enthusiasts when it comes to the season. In Perlis it is also very easy to get quality glutinous rice from Thailand. So it’s no wonder that Perlis people eat glutinous rice with grapes. Indeed, a combination of flavors that appeal to the taste of sweet coconut milk mixed with sweet taste of mango fruit.


Unique and shrimp coated with popia delicate and fried until golden yellow known as Udang Sanggul. Udang Sanggul is a popular food product from Perlis and can only be found in the state.