Perlis has variety excitements for you and your family. From beautiful sightseeing to shopping, your time will be occupied with all the thigns Perlis can offer!


The Floating Mosque

Masjid Al-Hussain is Kuala Perlis well-known icon. Built next to the Kuala Perlis Jetty, the mosque’s structure extends over the Straits of Malacca, earning it the nickname “Floating Mosque”. A 50-metre bridge connects to the main prayer hall above the water. The unique thing about this mosque is that its walls are not painted, but adroned with corals, quartz, granite, marble and pebbles instead. Its majestic golden-yellow and blue dome is made from layers of aluminium, with a layer of Polyvinylidene Diffluoride (PVDF) protecting its surface.

Timah Tasoh Dam

The Timah Tasoh Dam in Perlis has the distinction of being the longest earth dam in Malaysia. Lake Timah Tasoh is not just an ordinary lake, it is a very beautiful lake, making it a venue for video music and drama because of its unspeakable beauty.

Bukit Ayer recreation forest

Bukit Ayer recreation forest is a natural forest that very interesting to perform a variety of recreation activities. The cold and crystal clear river water and waterfalls cascading into the pool below makes it and ideal location for pinicking and relaxing.

Pengkalan Asam

Pengkalan Asam is a trail run which is often used by the public for recreational activities such as berjongging, exercise, leisure activities such as reflexology and others.This recreation area is located at Jalan Pengkalan Asam and is in an area of the river Perlis. This recreation area also provides a variety of facilities to its visitors like jogging track, a suspension bridge, reflexology places, children playground, gazebo, benches, ‘ outdoor gym ‘, chalet, surau and public toilets.

Grapes Farm

What kind of wine can be grown in Malaysia? But yes indeed, and it is in Kangar, Perlis. Located near the Herbs Park and Snake Park, if you are here, do not forget to go to another place in the vicinity.If you are in the Perlis Wine Garden, you can see for yourself the appearance of a vineyard that is only available in other countries, it is hard to keep the grape plant especially in Malaysia.

Bukit Kubu Recreation Forest

Bukit Kubu Recreational Forest is a great place to rest and relax. The recreational park has a natural limestone cave in the forested Wang Pinang limestone hill. The caves have an interesting geological formation and natural landscape but members of the public are not allowed to enter the caves without permission from the Perlis Forestry Department. Situated not far from the limestone hill is the Kota Al Marhum Kayang. It is the burial grounds of two of the 16th century Kedah Sultans where one can see simple mausoleums marked by grave stones with wooden ruins that used to mark the site.

Kipli Nipah Farm

Situated north of Malaysia at Kampung Tanah Timbul, Kuala Sanglang State of Perlis Kipli’s Nipah Palm Farm is meticulously planted with over 2,000 trees of Nipah Palm that produces deliciously sweet fresh nipah juice which traditionally known for its medicinal values. The farm is dotted strategically with lazy-huts and swings for relaxing, unwinding, mind-recharging or even soul-searching.

Wang Kelian's Tower View

The scenery served from Wang Kelian’s Tower View must shock your whole family. Beautiful unspeakable with thick white clouds surrounding the hills like in the imaginary world. The reality is that this is the real world, the unspoiled nature of human hands decks. Not only the hills, you can also see the Perlis state as well as the Malaysia-Thai border with an eye view

Perlis Snake Park

Perlis and Reptile Park Perlis is the only snake park in Malaysia. This is where there are various species of snakes that can be seen in closed or in open spaces. It gives its visitors an opportunity to approach these exotic animals more closely in an atmosphere similar to their native habitat.

Kota Kayang Museum

Located in the locality of Kayang Hill, Lambong Panah Hill, Jagat Hutang Hill, Wai Hill and Menara Hill in the Kayang vicinity which is near the oldest man-made canal in Peninsular Malaysia.It has a very long and rich history before it finally became a museum in 1991. This 4.84 hectare land which the museum currently stands belonged to Syed Salim as a gift from Raja Syed Alwi. At the end of 19th century, Syed Salim built his residence and stayed with his family until it was sold to the state government. After that, the building becomes the official residence of British Advisors. During the Japanese occupation, the house became the Military Administration until 1945, where the Thai Military Government took over

Perlis Herbal Forest

The garden houses a collection of highly nutritious herbs that have been practiced since heredity. By designing a planned forest, it is created with the aim of educating the general public to enrich the knowledge of how to use the local jungle treasures.

Perlis State Park

The park is the country’s only semideciduous forest and is rich in wildlife. This is the only habitat in Malaysia for the stump-tailed macaque. White-handed gibbons and a rich array of birds can also be found here. In the evening, as the sky glows orange with the setting sun, the forest’s residents make their presence know with a crescendo of squawks and rustling leaves.

Tasik Melati

Tasik Melati is a natural wetland within development area. The park is famous for its lakes and its recreational facilities. Melati Lake derives its name from the fragrant Jasmine flower. It could probably adapted Melati from the adjacent housing estate called Taman Melati.
In its original form,  Tasik Melati is a wetland with its wild plant locally known as “kercit”.


Bukit Kayu Hitam

If you are looking for an affordable yet quality shopping experience, this is the place you should never miss when you are in Perlis. Everything sold here in Bukit Kayu Hitam is definitely cheaper and more affordable than anywhere else in the country because of its duty-free status. Besides, the variations of products you will be able to obtain here are more than you can ever imagine. Nearing the border between Perlis and Thailand, the duty-free chocolates are definitely a must-have if you ever visit the place.

Wang Kelian Market

Located adjacent to Wang Prachan, Thailand, is Wang Kelian Market, also known as Nat Wang Kelian among locals. The market is even open every day, on the weekend more open booths. The only best thing to do is if you come on Sundays, local tourists do not have to worry about carrying travel documents today.

Kayangan Mall

If you are looking for a convenient and easy-to-access mall in Perlis, The Kayangan Square Mall would most probably meet your expectations. Bearing a long history in the city, the mall has been serving its customers for a long period of time. Thus, when you visit the mall, you will definitely feel the warm atmosphere surrounding the place which signifies the localization of the mall in catering to the locals.

Padang Besar

Padang Besar is a border town located in the northern part of the state of Perlis, Malaysia. It is situated on the border with Songkhla province, Thailand, 35 kilometers northeast of Kangar and about 57 km southwest of Hat Yai. The town opposite Padang Besar in Thailand is also known as Padang Besar, although locals here usually refer to the town as “Pekan Siam” or Siamese town. The town is a “shopping heaven” and popular destination for Malaysians because of the duty-free shopping complex in between the border checkpoints of the two countries. The town attracts several thousand visitors from Peninsular Malaysia and southern Thailand every weekend and during public holidays.